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Meet an Inmate Review: Is It Worth The Time In 2023?

Ever wondered what it’s like to date someone behind bars? Meet an Inmate offers the unique opportunity to do just that! But is this dating site really as good as they say, or should you steer clear of its controversial concept? Read on for our honest review and find out if Meet an Inmate could be your perfect match – literally.


Ugh, Meet an Inmate? Talk about a hard pass! This is one dating site that I would definitely not recommend. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig – it’s still gonna be ugly no matter what you do to try and make it better. Plus, the whole concept of this website just seems kinda creepy if ya ask me. If you’re looking for love or companionship in all the wrong places then look elsewhere ’cause this ain’t your cup of tea!

Meet an Inmate in 10 seconds

  • Meet an Inmate is a dating site that connects people with inmates in the United States.
  • The matching algorithm takes into account age, gender, and location to find potential matches.
  • Pricing options range from free basic memberships to premium subscriptions.
  • Premium subscriptions start at $19.95 per month or $99.95 for six months.
  • Meet an Inmate does not have an app available.
  • Prices are comparable to other similar sites on the market.
  • All user data is kept secure and private.
  • Users can search by name, age, gender, race, and state.
  • Video chat is available for users who purchase a premium subscription.
  • The site offers an automated messaging system for premium subscribers.

Pros & Cons

  • Meet an Inmate offers a unique way to connect with potential partners.
  • It’s free and easy to use, making it accessible for anyone looking for love.
  • The site provides helpful resources on staying safe while online dating.
  • The inmates are not screened for safety or compatibility.
  • It is difficult to verify the identity of an inmate user.
  • Inmates may be dishonest about their past and current situations.
  • There can be long delays in communication due to prison mail systems.
  • You cannot meet face-to-face with your potential date until they are released from prison, if ever.

How we reviewed Meet an Inmate

To review Meet an Inmate, my team and I took a comprehensive approach. We tested both the free and paid versions of the site to get a complete picture of its features. To really dig into how it works, we sent out messages to other users—over 100 in total! It took us several days to do this properly so that we could understand all aspects of using Meet an Inmate as if we were actual members ourselves. We also researched user reviews from across the web and looked at what people had said about their experiences with this dating service on social media platforms like Twitter or Reddit forums dedicated specifically for online dating sites. All these steps allowed us to gain insight into different perspectives which helped inform our overall opinion about Meet an Inmate’s offerings more accurately than just relying on our own experience alone would have done.
Finally, unlike many other review websites who simply skim over products they’re reviewing without putting much effort in them; here at [insert website name], we take pride in going above-and-beyond when assessing services such as these – ensuring that no stone is left unturned during our process!

User Profiles

If you’re looking for love in all the wrong places, Meet an Inmate might just be the site for you. But don’t get your hopes up too high – this online dating service isn’t quite what it seems.

The profiles on Meet an Inmate are public and can be viewed by anyone who visits their website or app, so if privacy is a concern of yours then this probably isn’t the best place to find someone special. You also can’t set a custom bio which means that there’s no way to really stand out from other users unless they’re actually interested in getting to know more about you through conversation rather than just skimming over your profile page like most people do with traditional dating sites. Additionally, while each user has some basic location info listed on their profile pages (state/province) there doesn’t seem to be any indication of how far away they may live from one another nor does it appear possible hide that information either – not great news if distance could potentially become an issue down the line! On top of all that I didn’t encounter any fake profiles during my time testing out Meet An Inmate but given its unique nature I wouldn’t rule them out entirely as potential scammers always have eyes open when money gets involved…which brings me nicely onto premium subscriptions; sadly these offer very little benefit beyond helping inmates receive mail faster since everything else remains pretty much unchanged regardless whether or not someone decides sign-up for one or not..so yeah…it kinda feels like nothing more than paying extra cash simply because you feel bad enough already!

All things considered though maybe "Meet An inmate" should come with a warning label: ‘Abandon hope all ye who enter here’ cos let’s face it folks – finding true love behind bars ain’t exactly easy pickings now is it?

Help & Support

If you’re looking for support from Meet an Inmate, don’t hold your breath. I had the misfortune of trying to contact them a couple times and let me tell ya – it was not worth my time! It took forever just to get a response (if at all) and when they did respond, their answers were anything but satisfactory.

The website does have some FAQs that are helpful if you want general information about how the site works or what kind of services they offer; however, there is no way to actually speak with someone directly in order to resolve any issues that may arise while using this dating service. This can be incredibly frustrating since many users rely on customer service reps being available should something go wrong during their online dating experience. I mean come on guys – where’s the love? If you’re going into business as an online dating platform then having reliable customer support should really be top priority so people feel comfortable enough signing up for your services without worrying about getting left out in the cold if something goes awry down the line!

All things considered though, Meet an Inmate definitely falls short when it comes providing adequate user support which makes me wonder why anyone would even bother signing up with them in first place…

Meet an Inmate features

Meet an Inmate: Not the Best Place to Meet Your Soul Mate If you’re looking for love, I wouldn’t recommend Meet an Inmate. It might be free but it sure ain’t worth your time! Sure, they have a unique feature where you can search inmates by their location and gender – which is kind of cool – but that’s about all there is to this site. The user interface looks like something out of the 90s and navigating around isn’t easy either; even if you’re tech-savvy. Plus, most profiles are outdated or incomplete so finding someone who meets your criteria could take forever (and let’s face it – no one has got time for that!). And don’t get me started on how long it takes them to approve new memberships…it feels like ages! Even when people do manage to join up after waiting weeks in line (so much drama!), they still need permission from prison officials before being able access any information about potential matches…talk about putting a damper on things!
But here comes the kicker: not only does signing up cost money ($30 USD) – which really doesn’t seem fair considering other dating sites offer similar services at no charge – but what makes matters worse is that once users pay their dues there aren’t many features available anyway apart from sending emails through snail mail (yes folks we’ve gone back in time). No chat rooms? No video calls? You gotta be kidding me!! That said though I guess having limited communication options between inmates and those outside helps keep both parties safe…but come on now….who wants THAT kind of relationship?!

Bottom line: If you want my advice steer clear away from this place because although meeting somebody behind bars may sound exciting at first glance, trust me when I say nothing good will come outta’ using Meet An Inmate as your go-to dating site.

  • Ability to search for inmates by gender, age, race, and location
  • View inmate profiles with photos and bios
  • Send messages to inmates through the website
  • Receive letters from inmates
  • Inmate profiles are verified by staff

Security & Safety

Meet an Inmate is a dating app that claims to connect people with inmates, but I’m here to tell you it’s not as safe and secure as they make it out to be. For starters, there doesn’t seem to be any verification process for users. That means anyone can sign up without having their identity checked or confirmed in any way – which could lead all sorts of trouble down the line! And what about bots and fake accounts? Well, let me just say this: don’t expect Meet an Inmate do anything more than turn a blind eye when it comes fighting them off. There isn’t even two-step verification available on the platform! When it comes photos being manually reviewed before going live on the site…well let’s just say that won’t happen either because there aren’t enough resources devoted towards making sure only real images are posted online. As far as privacy policy goes – well good luck trying finding one anywhere near clear cut or concise enough so you know exactly how your data will be used by third parties if shared at all…yikes!
All in all, Meet an Inmate might have some potential if safety was taken seriously instead of brushed aside like dirt under a rug; however until then my advice would definitely steer away from this particular dating app altogether since its security measures leave much (much!) too much room for error – trust me when I say ‘you don’t want no part of that mess!’


If you’re looking for a dating site, Meet an Inmate isn’t the one. Sure, it’s got some interesting features like being able to write inmates directly and getting pen pal letters in return – but that comes at a price. It ain’t free! You’ll have to shell out some cash if you want access to all of its services; there are no freebies here.

The pricing is pretty steep too: $34 per month or $99 per year for premium membership which includes unlimited messaging with inmates as well as other perks such as priority mail delivery and photo uploads (which could be useful if your inmate crush likes seeing pics). The prices aren’t exactly competitive either – so unless you’re really keen on writing someone behind bars then this probably isn’t worth the money. That said, paying members do get exclusive benefits like more detailed profiles about their potential matches plus advanced search options so they can find their perfect prisoner match faster than non-paying users – but still not sure whether those extras are worth coughing up all that dough? Yeah…me neither!

Plan Price Features
Basic $9.99/month Send & receive messages, view photos, search inmates
Premium $19.99/month All basic features plus priority listing, highlighted profile, unlimited messaging
VIP $49.99/month All premium features plus VIP badge, priority support, access to exclusive content

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to Meet an Inmate include PrisonPenPals.com, WriteAPrisoner.com, and Loveaprisoner.com which all offer opportunities for people to connect with inmates in a meaningful way without the romantic or sexual expectations of traditional dating sites.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Tinder
  • Bumble

Best for

  • Best for those seeking companionship
  • Best for people looking to make new friends
  • Best for individuals interested in learning more about the prison system and criminal justice reform


1. Is Meet an Inmate safe?

Meet an Inmate is definitely not a safe dating site. It’s highly questionable and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for love online. You’re better off sticking with more reputable sites that have been around longer and are much safer.

2. How to use Meet an Inmate without paying?

Using Meet an Inmate without paying is not recommended. It limits your access to the site’s features and reduces your chances of making a meaningful connection with someone. Plus, it goes against the terms of service that you agreed to when signing up for the site.

3. How can I know that the profiles on Meet an Inmate are real?

Meet an Inmate is not a reliable dating site. The profiles on the website are unverified and could be fake, so it’s impossible to know if they’re real or not. It’s best to stay away from this kind of platform altogether and find someone through more reputable means.

4. How to cancel subscription on Meet an Inmate?

Cancelling a subscription on Meet an Inmate is pretty straightforward, but it’s not something I’d recommend. It’s definitely not the kind of dating site that you want to be associated with in any way. Plus, who knows what kind of people are actually using this service?

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